We care for our guests as if they were our own and provide a homely, clean and safe environment
promoting calm and happy cats.

The cattery has spacious cages (1mx1m) each fitted out with an igloo, cosy basket and a litter tray.  We have soft duvets on the floor of the cage which are washed after each cat leave. The cats have warm baby fleecy blankets in winter and the heater is also turned on day and night, if necessary. The senior cats and kittens get hot water bottles, which they love cuddling up to. There are a variety of toys, scratch pads and posts.

The pretty garden is 100% secure with double gates; and creepers grow over the outside enclosures,
the perfect place for our guests to take in the scenery and watch the birds from their garden settings.

"40 years of working with cats has certainly equipped me with a unique insite in dealing
with all feline personalities." – Ann Boulanger